BOO! (Tv and real life)


This is the week! And if you have no idea what I am talking about, well I’ll tell you. This Saturday I am going to the one and only Howl-O-Scream. Normally, I’d be posting about it on my facebook, and day dreaming about how much fun it’s going to be, but for some reason, I’m not. I have a large group of 7 other people that will be going with me this weekend, but two are 8 year olds, two are parents, and two will probably do their own thing the entire time. Me and my best friend have been wanting to go back to this terrifying place for a while now, and I just cannot understand why I am so frightened. The theme is not something I am “afraid of,” I simply think it’s rather creepy. I know that they are just people dressed up, with face paint, but sometimes I get a little nervous about these things. I have thought of a solution that can help part of my problem. I never like to be scared when I’m wearing clothes that expose my legs and arms because I get goosebumps and it makes things worse, so I’ve decided that I will be wearing jeans and a jacket with whatever else I end up wearing. I also have this craving to eat when I get scared, so I’ll make sure to remind my mom to bring money for snacks. Haunted houses are the reason of going to events like these, but they are also the scariest. In a group, the worst two places to be in a line is the front and the back because people scare them the most. Now, if you follow me, or have read any of my previous posts, you might have come across the post where I said how much I love scary stuff. And really, I do. To me, there are 2 types of people: the ones who like getting scared in real life, and the ones who like the movies to scare them.  I use to be the type who would rather be scared in real life. Now, watching scary movies every other day seems to be changing me. After I attend the event this weekend, I will give a full description of my night of terrors, but if things work out in the best ways, I may end up having the best time of my life. We shall see.


Dreaming Big


Lately all I have been doing is sleeping and thinking about my future, besides the normal daily routine, and I have thought about dreaming the most. Dreaming for me consists of 3 things for me. I have my night dreams when I’m sleeping, my career dreams which will jump start my future and hopefully make me the person I want to be someday, and day dream about glorious things like writing, and the magical worlds and scenarios I create in my head. Last night when I was sleeping I had a dream so bizarre and out of place, that when I explained it to my boyfriend he responded with the fact that I have a morbid mind. So, then I decided to think about my future career. I would like to go into the medical field to be either a doctor or nurse or possibly APRN. Since I recently quit my serving job, I’ve been laying around the house and my mom thinks I need to get out and do something, which brought me to go on the computer. I went on to the website of my local hospital. I emailed them to see if I could do any volunteering there. I figured it would be a great start to get the feel of what being in a hospital is like. My last type of dream that I often think of are my more creative day dreams. I am constantly thinking of the stories I write and how I can make them better. I sometimes daydream into a whole different world that I’ve made up as well. If I develop it enough, hey I might be able to make it a story one day too.

Clown House


Last weekend I stayed the night at my best friend’s house. We decided to watch a movie and our favorite things to watch, are scary movies. We were originally going to watch Stephen King’s “IT” but we couldn’t find it online. However, we did find a movie called “Clownhouse.” Neither of us had heard of the movie before so we decided to watch it. We could tell from the beginning how old it was, but it didn’t bother us. We both also are uneasy about clowns, which makes it scarier for us. We played the movie, and our eyes were instantly glued to the computer.  It started with 3 brothers who picked on each other and the youngest boy still has a bed-wetting problem. Their father was in another country, and their mom was going to Miami for the night, so the boys decided to go to a local circus show downtown. The youngest boy wanted to visit the fortune teller’s tent. The other two thought it was a bad idea, but they went inside anyway. The fortune teller told the boy that his lifeline was cut short and that she was worried for him. Scared, the other two brothers dragged him out of the tent and brought him to the big top tent. They sat in their seats and soon the show started. The announcer was talking about the performers when the youngest boy looked to his left. He saw a clown staring at him and then the clown came up on stage to perform. He told the announcer he needed a volunteer and he picked the boy, but he ran out of the big top with his older brother following. They decided to go play games until the show was over, and their other brother came out. Finally after winning a toy clown at one of the games, the show was over and their brother came out of the big top. They walked home and discussed what they should do before their mom got home. They decided on scary stories and then watching scary movies. Back at the big top, the clowns were talking backstage. They were saying how they felt bad for scaring the boy that night, and that it wasn’t their intention. They thought they heard someone outside so one clown went to check it out, and someone killed him. Then, three men ran into the room and killed the other two clowns. To cover their tracks, they put on clown makeup and dressed in their costumes. They left the big top and headed for the neighborhood of the 3 boys. By the end of the story, the boys out-smarted and killed the clowns and were much closer after that.

Words Hurt

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I’ve decided that since my last post was about being scared, I should make a post about something a little different. I’ve decided that any time I post something from now on, I will insert a picture to help inspire me when I write. This picture above is about a girl who would be stereotyped as “emo” or “goth.” But there are words written on her of things people have called her. This picture really sums up how it feels to be bullied because you feel labeled and worthless when you get picked. Normally, I wouldn’t post about something like this unless I have experienced it myself, and in fact I have. I know what it feels like to be called hurtful names and be called out on things. Last year, I was picked on by a boy almost every day who would say something to me and would make me look bad in front of the whole class. I tried telling the teacher who didn’t do anything, changing my seat but the boy yelled across the room, ignoring him which didn’t stop him at all, and finally trying to stand up for myself, which only caused him to come back with an idiotic retort and made me feel small. Eventually, I had enough with what he was doing, so I told my boyfriend and mom about it. My boyfriend repeatedly got in his face, telling him to leave me alone, and my mom emailed the teacher who really didn’t do much about it. I felt stuck. I wanted to skip school or at least leave before last period since I knew I had that class with him. Nothing seemed to be working. Many people who have never been bullied don’t understand that getting bullied makes you feel like you are trapped inside a box and there’s no way out. Finally after finals were over, school ended and there was a relief that came over me because I knew I was leaving the school and I’d never have to see that horrible boy again. Now, I have no problems with bullying. Changing schools to one that has great teachers and supportive students makes a huge difference in how I feel as a person. I don’t feel trapped anymore, and I am finally happy. So, I didn’t tell this story just because it had to do with the picture, but also to get the word out that it isn’t “cool” to hurt someone. I would never want anyone to feel the way that I did last year. The sad truth is that it’s happening everyday, and people take their lives over it. I personally don’t agree with the school system’s views(and my mom is a teacher so that increases my opinion) because kids are getting treated bad by other kids, and no one has chosen to stop it. We can only hope that one day they will learn.

Fearful or fun? That is the question


We all know that spine-tingling feeling you get when you’re scared. And that sensation in your body when someone or something paralyzes you from head to toe, making you jump like a terrified little kid. Well needless to say, I love that feeling. I would hate to actually be afraid for my life, but I enjoy the unknown and the supernatural. Another thing that makes me petrified from my inner core is the chills I get when I walk around those theme parks that make haunted houses every Halloween. For instance, This year I will be going to Howl O’ Scream at Busch Gardens, possibly more than once, and I am hoping to regain that feeling. Quite honestly, with what I’ve heard it is supposed to be terrifying this year, and I hope I will be able to handle myself. And if not, I could always just go get some cheese fries or a pretzel instead. In the past years that I’ve gone, which were a few years ago, I went with a larger group of friends, and when I haven’t, and chose to go with a couple people, I acquired a sick feeling in my stomach and felt terrible. The physical scares are not for everyone, but you can never go wrong with scary movies or books in the safety of your own home. However, this year I will most likely be attending the event more than once, but only because my boyfriend wants to go for our first full year being together, and my best friend and I have been dying to go and get scared together. I can still remember the first time I ever went to Howl O’ Scream. I was with my 3 close friends, as well as my mom, and a few other family friends. We were going for my birthday since it’s 10 days before Halloween. We had a blast, and I remember because we were making fun of the characters that were scaring us. It made them mad, and it was a trick we learned from the former visitors we talked to that had already been to the attraction. The trick is, the characters scare the people who scream or run, more than those who laugh at them or act like they don’t care, so we would laugh at them and have fun with it. The characters would just shrug it off or roll their eyes usually, and go scare other victims. It made my birthday very special having so much fun and it was a great way to spend time with some of my closest friends. I’m just hoping that this year will be just as special, or I can expect another upset stomach, and unpleasant experience.