Fearful or fun? That is the question


We all know that spine-tingling feeling you get when you’re scared. And that sensation in your body when someone or something paralyzes you from head to toe, making you jump like a terrified little kid. Well needless to say, I love that feeling. I would hate to actually be afraid for my life, but I enjoy the unknown and the supernatural. Another thing that makes me petrified from my inner core is the chills I get when I walk around those theme parks that make haunted houses every Halloween. For instance, This year I will be going to Howl O’ Scream at Busch Gardens, possibly more than once, and I am hoping to regain that feeling. Quite honestly, with what I’ve heard it is supposed to be terrifying this year, and I hope I will be able to handle myself. And if not, I could always just go get some cheese fries or a pretzel instead. In the past years that I’ve gone, which were a few years ago, I went with a larger group of friends, and when I haven’t, and chose to go with a couple people, I acquired a sick feeling in my stomach and felt terrible. The physical scares are not for everyone, but you can never go wrong with scary movies or books in the safety of your own home. However, this year I will most likely be attending the event more than once, but only because my boyfriend wants to go for our first full year being together, and my best friend and I have been dying to go and get scared together. I can still remember the first time I ever went to Howl O’ Scream. I was with my 3 close friends, as well as my mom, and a few other family friends. We were going for my birthday since it’s 10 days before Halloween. We had a blast, and I remember because we were making fun of the characters that were scaring us. It made them mad, and it was a trick we learned from the former visitors we talked to that had already been to the attraction. The trick is, the characters scare the people who scream or run, more than those who laugh at them or act like they don’t care, so we would laugh at them and have fun with it. The characters would just shrug it off or roll their eyes usually, and go scare other victims. It made my birthday very special having so much fun and it was a great way to spend time with some of my closest friends. I’m just hoping that this year will be just as special, or I can expect another upset stomach, and unpleasant experience.


One thought on “Fearful or fun? That is the question

  1. Oh my gosh…I am so glad that you gave me a forewarning before checking out your post…that picture is relatively TERRIFYING!!!!!!!! I love that you love getting scared!!! I used to be a fear junkie; not 100% sure what happened and why I only like to watch Golden Girls reruns or Nick at Night before bed. 😉 What a cool way, though, to spend a birthday, celebrate a year o’ love with your boyfriend, and have great memories with your friends!!! This will be a blast, and I’m sure you’ll get a few good scares to make some fabulous memories! 😉


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