Words Hurt

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I’ve decided that since my last post was about being scared, I should make a post about something a little different. I’ve decided that any time I post something from now on, I will insert a picture to help inspire me when I write. This picture above is about a girl who would be stereotyped as “emo” or “goth.” But there are words written on her of things people have called her. This picture really sums up how it feels to be bullied because you feel labeled and worthless when you get picked. Normally, I wouldn’t post about something like this unless I have experienced it myself, and in fact I have. I know what it feels like to be called hurtful names and be called out on things. Last year, I was picked on by a boy almost every day who would say something to me and would make me look bad in front of the whole class. I tried telling the teacher who didn’t do anything, changing my seat but the boy yelled across the room, ignoring him which didn’t stop him at all, and finally trying to stand up for myself, which only caused him to come back with an idiotic retort and made me feel small. Eventually, I had enough with what he was doing, so I told my boyfriend and mom about it. My boyfriend repeatedly got in his face, telling him to leave me alone, and my mom emailed the teacher who really didn’t do much about it. I felt stuck. I wanted to skip school or at least leave before last period since I knew I had that class with him. Nothing seemed to be working. Many people who have never been bullied don’t understand that getting bullied makes you feel like you are trapped inside a box and there’s no way out. Finally after finals were over, school ended and there was a relief that came over me because I knew I was leaving the school and I’d never have to see that horrible boy again. Now, I have no problems with bullying. Changing schools to one that has great teachers and supportive students makes a huge difference in how I feel as a person. I don’t feel trapped anymore, and I am finally happy. So, I didn’t tell this story just because it had to do with the picture, but also to get the word out that it isn’t “cool” to hurt someone. I would never want anyone to feel the way that I did last year. The sad truth is that it’s happening everyday, and people take their lives over it. I personally don’t agree with the school system’s views(and my mom is a teacher so that increases my opinion) because kids are getting treated bad by other kids, and no one has chosen to stop it. We can only hope that one day they will learn.


One thought on “Words Hurt

  1. BULLYING MAKES ME MORE ANGRY THAN ANYTHING ELSE ON THIS PLANET!!!!!!!! Those that bully are just cowards; people that have such low self-esteem that they cannot figure out any other outlet to help them feel better about themselves, so instead they target others…usually people that make them jealous or envious in some way! There is never a time that it is acceptable, and the fact that a teacher allowed that absolutely BLOWS MY MIND!!!!! This picture makes a huge impact, without even reading your ridiculously amazing and awesome blog post!!! Many would see this girl as weird; I see her as beautiful, unique and an awesome self-expressionist!! πŸ˜‰ I love the multiple hair colors (green is my favorite color, so I may be impartial), and I she has a fashion all her own! I respect that; people should be who they are! I am so angry and sad that you dealt with such a jerk!! And, you are so right – there needs to be more awareness; more support and encouragement for people to band together and stomp out bullying!! It is NOT acceptable, but I take heart in knowing that karma is real! πŸ˜‰ AWESOME POST!! πŸ˜‰


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