Clown House


Last weekend I stayed the night at my best friend’s house. We decided to watch a movie and our favorite things to watch, are scary movies. We were originally going to watch Stephen King’s “IT” but we couldn’t find it online. However, we did find a movie called “Clownhouse.” Neither of us had heard of the movie before so we decided to watch it. We could tell from the beginning how old it was, but it didn’t bother us. We both also are uneasy about clowns, which makes it scarier for us. We played the movie, and our eyes were instantly glued to the computer.  It started with 3 brothers who picked on each other and the youngest boy still has a bed-wetting problem. Their father was in another country, and their mom was going to Miami for the night, so the boys decided to go to a local circus show downtown. The youngest boy wanted to visit the fortune teller’s tent. The other two thought it was a bad idea, but they went inside anyway. The fortune teller told the boy that his lifeline was cut short and that she was worried for him. Scared, the other two brothers dragged him out of the tent and brought him to the big top tent. They sat in their seats and soon the show started. The announcer was talking about the performers when the youngest boy looked to his left. He saw a clown staring at him and then the clown came up on stage to perform. He told the announcer he needed a volunteer and he picked the boy, but he ran out of the big top with his older brother following. They decided to go play games until the show was over, and their other brother came out. Finally after winning a toy clown at one of the games, the show was over and their brother came out of the big top. They walked home and discussed what they should do before their mom got home. They decided on scary stories and then watching scary movies. Back at the big top, the clowns were talking backstage. They were saying how they felt bad for scaring the boy that night, and that it wasn’t their intention. They thought they heard someone outside so one clown went to check it out, and someone killed him. Then, three men ran into the room and killed the other two clowns. To cover their tracks, they put on clown makeup and dressed in their costumes. They left the big top and headed for the neighborhood of the 3 boys. By the end of the story, the boys out-smarted and killed the clowns and were much closer after that.


One thought on “Clown House

  1. OH MY GOSH…THIS SOUNDS TERRIFYING!!!!!!! I would never go to a circus, again, if I saw this movie!!!!! I love that you and your best friend found a random, old horror movie and it ended up being pretty awesome!!!! I don’t know why clowns stress so many people out; I know they scare the snot out of me!! ;( I laughed when I saw that you were going to watch ‘It’…I tried watching that movie with some friends in high school, but couldn’t figure out why it was so scary…it just confused the heck out of us!! Turns out, though, we watched the second tape (yeah, it was an old school VHS tape) first…we watched the ending before we had any idea about the beginning. 😦


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