Dreaming Big


Lately all I have been doing is sleeping and thinking about my future, besides the normal daily routine, and I have thought about dreaming the most. Dreaming for me consists of 3 things for me. I have my night dreams when I’m sleeping, my career dreams which will jump start my future and hopefully make me the person I want to be someday, and day dream about glorious things like writing, and the magical worlds and scenarios I create in my head. Last night when I was sleeping I had a dream so bizarre and out of place, that when I explained it to my boyfriend he responded with the fact that I have a morbid mind. So, then I decided to think about my future career. I would like to go into the medical field to be either a doctor or nurse or possibly APRN. Since I recently quit my serving job, I’ve been laying around the house and my mom thinks I need to get out and do something, which brought me to go on the computer. I went on to the website of my local hospital. I emailed them to see if I could do any volunteering there. I figured it would be a great start to get the feel of what being in a hospital is like. My last type of dream that I often think of are my more creative day dreams. I am constantly thinking of the stories I write and how I can make them better. I sometimes daydream into a whole different world that I’ve made up as well. If I develop it enough, hey I might be able to make it a story one day too.


One thought on “Dreaming Big

  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE MAKE YOUR DAYDREAMS INTO STORIES SO I CAN READ MORE OF YOUR WRITING!!!!! 🙂 You know, they say the best authors have dreams about their future best-sellers…maybe that’s beginning to happen to you!! I say…GO WITH IT!!!!!!!! Get started on becoming a NYTimes Best-Seller, while you study to pursue your career in the medical profession!!! I love your 3 types of dreams; my favorite type of dream is and will always be – daydreams!!! There is no better escape than your own mind!! 😉


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