Costructing a new world


When I see a picture like the one shown here, it gives me this feeling or urge in my body to want to design something. There’s this website I know called Home By Me where you can download an application for your computer, and design your very own house. This application not only allows you to create a multiple story building with it’s own lawn, but also allows you to design the interior of the house with paint colors and furniture. This website is a dream come true for interior decorators and anyone who loves to design. I’ve spent 6 hours designing an apartment before because i wanted to make sure every detail was perfect. I have designed classrooms, apartments, and houses, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. The picture above is not actually one of my own designs, but I chose to display it because it has a similar vibe to what style i have when I design. Wherever I am, I’m constantly thinking about how I can make things visually more attractive with the buildings and landscaping around me. I’ve also been to many concert venues and it kills me to see how badly these places need a renovation. My dream job is to be able to renovate and restore buildings, and I’m going to do everything I can to be able to do this job. If I have to make compromises, or sacrifices I will, but I love designing. It is my passion, and I feel like it is my destiny.


Halloween Everyday?


Halloween. It is my favorite time of the year. Not because of the hooligans who dress up in various costumes begging for free candy from strangers, but for a much bigger reason. Firstly, my birthday is 10 days before Halloween, so I can celebrate something more than just once in the month. I also love how the air is nice and cool, the trees start to change color (even though Florida trees are different than up north). The whole season of Fall just seems to make my mood much happier than any other season. Now, I wasn’t exactly planning on sharing this on my blog, but it relates to Halloween, and if my plan follows through, I’ll be a happy girl. I recently went to Busch Garden’s Howl-O-Scream, and after not being there for so many years, I forgot how much fun it is to go there. I was freaking out thinking I would be so scared, when in reality, I was first to lead our whole group through the houses. The only problem with this years theme and attraction itself, was that it honestly was not scary enough, and the “Cursed” creatures didn’t even have their own house (or if they did, I must not have gone in it.) So here is my plan; My friend Curtis and I have decided to plan out next years complete Howl-O-Scream including the scare houses, scare-zones, and even the shows they have playing. I originally saw Busch Garden’s show “Fiends” and loved it the first time I saw it. However, the updates to the show only made the show seem kind of lame. It’s supposed to be an adult-rated show, but I could find more provocative lines on The Nanny. I won’t leak the plans Curtis and I have because after finishing the complete event, we plan to send it to the head of Busch Gardens to see if we can vamp it up for next year. I don’t want anyone stealing our ideas as well because we worked hard to come up with them.

Now I know the title seems like it doesn’t have much to do with Howl-O-scream, but if I had a lot of money, I would make an entire theme park that would scare customers. Halloween is the most fun when you’re scaring people, and scaring them 365 days per year would be the icing on the cake.

Okay, I know this is totally unrelated as well, but I thought you might be interested in knowing that I am going to be a belly dancer this year for Halloween. I always have ideas for new costumes, so I would even be willing to help others decide on a costume.

Well, I feel like I keep rambling so I feel it’s time to come to a close. Hope you enjoyed reading! :*



Everyone has that one place where they go to think. I for one moved around a lot over the years, so my places have changed drastically. When I was younger, I lived near a pond with a forest surrounding it, and I found a quiet little place with a fallen log that I would go to when I needed to think. Now I live closer to the city so I don’t have any places like that to go to, so I had to improvise with location, but I learned that I think best on rainy, gloomy days. I am considered a pluviophile, because I am a natural lover of rain. Now my plan was in place. In Florida we have very rainy summers, making my plan seem flawless. However, there were times I needed to go to think and it wasn’t raining. What I did instead is turned off every light in my room and kept my blinds shut. It wasn’t nearly as satisfying, but did the trick when I needed it. Most people’s moods are affected by the weather, and during the gloomy weather, people tend to feel gloomy. When the sun is out and shining, people tend to feel happier and go outside to enjoy the weather. Ironically, I have the opposite affect.  I am usually always in a good mood, but the gloomier weather makes me happier than usual. When it rains, I will go out and take long walks in my neighborhood to clear my mind. I am soaked by the end of my walk, but it is worth it in the end.