Everyone has that one place where they go to think. I for one moved around a lot over the years, so my places have changed drastically. When I was younger, I lived near a pond with a forest surrounding it, and I found a quiet little place with a fallen log that I would go to when I needed to think. Now I live closer to the city so I don’t have any places like that to go to, so I had to improvise with location, but I learned that I think best on rainy, gloomy days. I am considered a pluviophile, because I am a natural lover of rain. Now my plan was in place. In Florida we have very rainy summers, making my plan seem flawless. However, there were times I needed to go to think and it wasn’t raining. What I did instead is turned off every light in my room and kept my blinds shut. It wasn’t nearly as satisfying, but did the trick when I needed it. Most people’s moods are affected by the weather, and during the gloomy weather, people tend to feel gloomy. When the sun is out and shining, people tend to feel happier and go outside to enjoy the weather. Ironically, I have the opposite affect.  I am usually always in a good mood, but the gloomier weather makes me happier than usual. When it rains, I will go out and take long walks in my neighborhood to clear my mind. I am soaked by the end of my walk, but it is worth it in the end.


One thought on “Pluviophilia

  1. This blog post, for so many reasons, relaxed me to the core!!! I, too, appreciate the rain; it calms me and gives me a break from the constant sunshine!!! There is something cathartic; something serene about a great rain storm!! I love that you can find peace in the rain, and I support you walking through the rain in your neighborhood to clear your mind!! It’s a metaphor that becomes reality; the water washes away your worries, and cleans your mind to be able to think, for a bit. 😉 Awesome post!!!


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