Costructing a new world


When I see a picture like the one shown here, it gives me this feeling or urge in my body to want to design something. There’s this website I know called Home By Me where you can download an application for your computer, and design your very own house. This application not only allows you to create a multiple story building with it’s own lawn, but also allows you to design the interior of the house with paint colors and furniture. This website is a dream come true for interior decorators and anyone who loves to design. I’ve spent 6 hours designing an apartment before because i wanted to make sure every detail was perfect. I have designed classrooms, apartments, and houses, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. The picture above is not actually one of my own designs, but I chose to display it because it has a similar vibe to what style i have when I design. Wherever I am, I’m constantly thinking about how I can make things visually more attractive with the buildings and landscaping around me. I’ve also been to many concert venues and it kills me to see how badly these places need a renovation. My dream job is to be able to renovate and restore buildings, and I’m going to do everything I can to be able to do this job. If I have to make compromises, or sacrifices I will, but I love designing. It is my passion, and I feel like it is my destiny.


3 thoughts on “Costructing a new world

  1. OH MY GOSH…YOU HAVE TO BECOME AN ARCHITECT!!!!!! Also, get your General Contractors license, and paired with both of these degrees and certifications…you are on your way to designing tons of stuff for BIG BUCKS!!!!! Plus, you can ‘pitch’ a show idea to HGTV, and I can watch it all the time and say, ‘Hey, I knew her before she became a design/reconstruct genius’!!!! It’s sooooooo cool that you found computer software that allows you to design!! For sure, save these designs as .jpegs or .pdf files, so if you decide to pursue design/architecture/contracting…you already have stuff to add to your portfolio!!! Design away!!! 🙂

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    1. Thanks:) I’m working on it. My mom thinks i should also get my real estate license so I can even do house showings. I would also love to be on TV! I watch all the flipping shows on HGTV, DIY and Fyi and if you ever need any design or landscaping help, I’ve got your back 🙂


  2. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!! You should 100% get your real estate license and begin working at a real estate firm after high school!!!! Not only would you make great money, but you would learn SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! I cannot wait for you to host your own TV show…you could start a YouTube channel in the meantime and create a type of video portfolio!!! 🙂 Anddddddd – I will absolutely be tracking you down for design and landscape help when we move from glorious St. Pete Beach to fabulous Odessa, FL!! 😉


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