Tattoo Nightmares


Lately I have been staying up later than usual, which leads to me usually channel surfing and finding some, well interesting shows. Now I came across a show called Tattoo Nightmares, and I have seen tattoo shows similar to it, but not this exact show. There are 3 main artists that do the tattoos which are usually tattoos covering old tattoos or bad ones. From what I’ve seen, there are many instances where male customers got a tattoo when they were young, or got a very inappropriate tattoo, and now have a family of their own, and do not want their children to see it. These customers get some really cool cover-up tattoos, however it’s scary to know that it might not cover it completely, or take to scar tissue. I myself have wanted a tattoo for some time now, but until I know exactly what I want, I decided to wait so i don’t make a bad decision. I have had lots of people with tattoos give me tips on finding a good artist, or where I should get the tattoo, so I just need to decide what I should get. I originally thought about a dream catcher because they’re pretty but also because I’m considered a “night owl” for staying up so late, but dream catchers seem to be so common nowadays. Next, I figured I wanted a crescent moon with like a tree because I love trees and the outdoors, but I am still worried about making the wrong decision. So I’m still waiting and hoping that I can come up with an idea. My close friend Curtis was over at my house one day and we were drawing sharpie tattoos on each other, and he drew a really gorgeous tree I will picture below. It seemed to really work well on me even though he did it on my lower back. I would not be getting it there because I want it on my rib cage area, but it may just be the tattoo for me.010


One thought on “Tattoo Nightmares

  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…THAT’S A WAY COOL TREE TAT!!!!! I, too, 100% wanted a tattoo when I was in high school, but didn’t know which one I wanted. I settled on permanent (tattoo) eyeliner, and that has lasted me quite awhile…well, until now when I am preparing to do the whole permanent eyebrow gig!! These are the only 2 types of tats that I have settled on, but I’m glad I waited for just a bit on another type of tattoo, as my ideas have changed so much, as to what I would permanently ink on my person! Now, I kinda want a little nautical compass on the inside of my wrist with the directions changed to ‘M’, ‘J’, ‘Z’ and leave one more open. Translation – the directions are my family members (‘M’ = me, Mandy; ‘J’ – Jeff, my husband, ‘Z’ = Zoey, my daughter, and I’ll leave one more open just in case more little Zeigler minions come this way!). Super tiny, but now, with a totally different meaning at this time in my life. 😉 Ink is fun; it’s a great form of expression; just make sure you find a great artist that won’t forget the ‘T’ if you get ‘EXTREME’ written on you like the guy in the picture! 😉


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