Gaining 99 Million Dollars???


Okay so I didn’t win 99 million dollars unfortunately but while watching an old Kim Possible episode where the character Ron wins that much money made me start to think. What would I do if I won that kind of money? The first thing that came to mind for me was buying this house I’m in love with and fix it up to be my dream house. But then I remembered a seminar I attended recently that taught me more than I ever thought I would know about money. I learned about investments and tax liens and a bunch of other funny words that if tackled the right way, can make you big bucks. So another thing I would do is invest in some things to double my money. And besides just spending my money, I’d make sure I put a lot of it in the bank because money can only last for so long, and I’d want to use some for my future children’s college fund. But something I’ve learned about money is that you have to have money to make money, so I’d probably start my own company where my employees and I would buy, sell, and flip houses for a great profit. This not only helps my company make money, but also provides great homes for people to purchase. I’d honestly be a little scared to gain this kind of money at the same time because people always try to be your friend so you’ll give them money, and I wouldn’t want that. I feel like even my family members would do anything to be with me so I’d hand over some cash. And I wouldn’t mind giving them some, but rich people stay rich by not giving people their money, and I learned that from Adam Sandler in one of his movies. So I think I’d make a pretty responsible rich person, but sometimes I hope I never have to find out so that I don’t end up like characters in those TV shows, broke.


One thought on “Gaining 99 Million Dollars???

  1. 99 MILLION BUCKS??!!!! Where did Ron and the platypus earn that kind of cash??!! 😉 Holy smokes…I don’t even know where to begin with spending that kind of money…I don’t have a clue where it would end, either!!!! However, I LOVEEEEEEEEE your idea of pushing that money into investments and fronting the cash to begin your dream company of buying, flipping and selling homes!!! Also, I think you made a great point – you wouldn’t necessarily want that money to find out what kind of people will ‘come out of the woodworks’, asking to borrow cash and such!! That’s an awkward position to be in; one that I definitely wouldn’t want!! 😦 However, 99 million bucks – that would be kinda awesome!! 😉


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