Dunedin is an exciting place to hang out to anyone who wants to visit. Right along the coast of the water lies Fenway. What was once a beautiful hotel, and a college for many students, now lies an abandoned building, only recently purchased, but still left to fester in the Florida heat. I may have snuck on the property a few times to catch a glimpse of the beauty that used to be. Recently, last Sunday to be exact, I was meeting up with an old boyfriend Jacob who lives right down the street from Fenway. He asked me if I wanted to go there first and check it out, and we went on our way. We went around the back and found that the new owners tore down one of the buildings that used to be the college dorms. The building next to it was still standing and had something green in one of the windows. It shocked me when I first went near it, and realized it was just an old monster toy. Since the window was already broken on the one side, we moved a board and took the toy with us. We decided to name him Henry and take him along with us. Then we decided to go into the main building which is said to be haunted, and can be kind of creepy the first time you enter it. We saw a broken window in the back and decided to climb in. It led to a small bathroom, and a hallway took us to the rest of the building. We walked the 3 floors and went into few of the rooms, avoiding the ones that smelled like smoke. We eventually found a room, and called it our own. It had a gorgeous view of the water, and just outside the window was a roof that we climbed out onto. We hung there for a while and decided to explore some more. We reached the very top of the building and looked at the view, hoping not to get caught in the process. After taking some pictures we decided to go back to our room and do any kind of decorating we could. We put up this chandelier and a picture on the wall, then returned to the roof. I kept getting suspicious and hearing noises so we decided we would go back to the park we met up at. We decided to leave out the front doors because of how difficult it would be getting out the back. We had been near there earlier and unlocked the door in case we wanted to come back. When we finally left the room, it was getting dark outside which made it very hard to see. We used our phones as flashlights and made our way back to the front door. We realized that the door had been locked since we went there earlier, which was strange considering we were the only ones in the building. We concluded that someone must have come in and locked it as they left, or maybe some spiritual beings were trying to keep us inside. We may never know. I have many pictures I could add to this as well.


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