The girl in the Mirror


I stumbled upon this picture today while I was looking for something to inspire me. What really seemed to grab my attention was the modern gothic art with the dark sceneries and depressed characters. Most of these pictures showed a girl wearing a long black or white dress, looking really upset. Usually a black cat or rose was also featured somewhere in the picture, but the theme seemed repetitive. I decided to search up more of these images, which seemed to intrigue me and further my interest. I scrolled through the results and scanned the details of each picture. What really surprised me was how you could really understand the story of what was going on by just a single piece of artwork. Most artists try to incorporate a theme or message into their artwork, but the pieces I have seen go above and beyond. The picture above is of a girl looking away from a mirror, mascara running down her face, looking upset. The thing people may overlook about the piece, is how the girl in the mirror is different from the girl outside of it. I could first tell by the color of her hair. The girl in the mirrors hair is blonde, and the other girl’s is brown. Their faces in closer examining can also appear to be very different, which leads me to conclude that there is more that meets the eye in this piece. It makes me wonder what the story is behind this piece and what the artist wants the viewer to know. If this picture was featured on the cover of a book, it would grab my attention and make me curious about the story. That is what I enjoy so much about modern gothic art; it tells more than just a message


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