A Girl that likes it Loud


Something that people don’t realize is how quickly their lives change because they are living it, but one thing that has never changed in my life, is my love of concerts and local shows. I cannot even count how many I have been to in my life, and I’ve met so many band members and other people at these shows that are just like me. The feeling of being in the front row of the stage, cheering on your heroes who are doing what they love to do never gets old. When I was surfing the worldwide web yesterday, I stumbled across a concert in Fort Meyers, Florida called the Fort Rock Festival which is called Florida’s biggest rock festival and it takes place in April, giving me time to come up with the cash. I jumped at the opportunity of getting to go, and told my mom about it. She said it was a possibility, so I tried to conceal my excitement and decided I should stop messing around, and get my schoolwork done. Right when I sat on my bed, I got a text from my dad which was ironic because he would be the one taking me to the concert. His text was about the 98 Rock Fest in Tampa that would also be in April. My favorite band of all time The Pretty Reckless would be performing in both shows, and they are within a couple days of each other. After a bit of discussing both concerts, he told me about how awesome it would be to go to both concerts and make a fun weekend out of it. I agreed and decided to inform my mom on the updates my dad and I discussed. My mom said she would most likely pay for me to do both, and my dad said he would pay for his own. (My parents are divorced) To any other person, especially one who doesn’t care for rock music, my plan just seems cool, but to me and my dad, this is like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There really isn’t much that my dad and I have in common, but music is the one thing we both really care about. One of my most memorable concerts is a Pretty Reckless concert that my dad took me to. Not only did we have VIP passes where we got a picture with the band, and a free T-shirt, but we got to watch a great concert with a great opening act. It was memorable for me not only because I was with my dad having a blast and seeing my favorite band, but also about all of the problems we faced that day. After arriving at the House of Blues, we had to wait outside for 2 hours in the VIP section where it was pouring raining. We were really upset that the workers wouldn’t let us inside to stay dry, but we didn’t have much of a say in it. Once getting inside, getting our picture and shirts, and hanging out by the stage before the show, it all became worth it. No matter what seemed to happen that day, I was glad I got to bond with my dad doing something we both loved to do, which made it all worth it for me.


One thought on “A Girl that likes it Loud

  1. NO WAY!!!!! Going to two rock festivals AND getting to see your favorite band play TWICE…just a few days apart = ridiculously exciting!!!!! I think it’s really great that you have something so cool in common with your dad! They say that music is an international language; one that can unite people whom otherwise have very little in common…THAT’S SO TRUE!!!!!!!! You and your dad will have an absolute blast, and these concerts will become memories that you keep close to you forever!!!!! 🙂

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