Love is in the air. Or is it?


Ahh Valentines Day. There’s always those 3 groups that have their opinion of this day; the couples that get their hopes up that they will have the perfect date night with their significant other, those individuals who dread the holiday because they have no one to share it with, and then the group who “doesn’t care” or secretly does but they act like they don’t. I would say the group I am in…depends on the year. The last few years I have had boyfriends, and this year, I’m surprisingly single. And there’s always that mystery and wonder if some special someone will step up and give me a valentine, but so far in my life, nothing romantic like that has happened. It’s a curious thing really. Why does everyone get so ticked about one day in the year? This holiday of love has become a day singles have adapted to ignoring. Yes, every girl wants to have that handsome guy who brings her flowers and a teddy bear that’s almost the same size as her. I feel like deep down every guy has that vision of taking his girl to a romantic dinner and movie and giving her some surprise gift that will make her smile. I may just be that hopeless romantic that sits here over analyzing everything like I usually do, but there’s always that thought in the back of my mind hoping something truly romantic and unexpected happens. That is the biggest thing I tell people about relationships is that the unexpected is always the most special to me. It almost sounds boastful when I say I’m tired of the boys saying I’m beautiful or that I’m perfect or sweet or…blah it annoys me just thinking about it. Something I’d really enjoy is if a nice, cute, well-mannered guy told me that I looked fantastic, or that no one at the party we were going to would be able to take their eyes off of me. Those types of compliments have my favor.


One thought on “Love is in the air. Or is it?

  1. I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO AGREE!!!!!!!!!! This holiday is such a hit-or-miss…at times, it seems like the perfect excuse to allow all of us ‘hopeless romantics’ to let our minds wander with the possibilities of the perfect date; others, it seems to become a nuisance because someone forgot to get something for their ‘better half’…however, it is ALWAYS a great night for fabulous movies on TV!!!! 😉 I love that you are a hopeless romantic, and I hope that you stay that way!! Then, when the unexpected happens – you are truly blown away by the ‘perfect person to spend the perfect day with’!! 🙂 Someone that will tell you everything that you want to hear, think of you as the most important person on the planet, and treat you like the queen of queens!!! My thoughts – having a few Valentine’s Days without significant others gives you great time to reflect on what you want from a future significant other!! AWESOME POST!! 🙂


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