Adulthood at its Finest


So by this dreamy picture of the guy before this text, you might think I will be talking about guys in this post. Sadly no, but I do love to look at that guy. By the title of this post, you know that I am going to be going over adulthood and what lies in my future ahead. I’m not just going to be telling you about the things that come along when you reach adulthood, but how even as a 17 year old, adulthood is already starting to creep its way into my life. I have a lot of family drama, most of which I try to avoid so I don’t have to deal with it. Juggling the start of college, getting a car, applying for jobs, and many other things that will come along have become my future reality. I can honestly say I’m not looking forward to this coming part in my life. I am looking forward to getting through what I am going through right now and moving on. It’s crazy to think that the decisions we make as teenagers and young adults can impact the rest of our lives. I’ve met a lot of people who think it’s okay to mess around, those people who want to sell drugs for a living, and I think that it is dumb personally. People waste their lives and potential when they are teens, so it’s not the smartest idea that we start our adult lives out on that note.


2 thoughts on “Adulthood at its Finest

  1. Oh my gosh…AMEN!!!!!!!!! There are soooooo many things that we do in our teens, and even into our 20’s that are just dumb and ridiculous!!! And of course, you can always hear someone ‘older and wiser’ saying ‘I told you so’ in the background…just to add insult to injury!!! But, the great thing is…adulthood – so long as you don’t make too many really, REALLY dumb mistakes – can be really awesome and wayyyyyyyyy worthwhile!!! It seems that every year, even though responsibilities increase tenfold, gets better! They always say that ‘with age comes wisdom’…but really, what I am finding is that ‘with age comes clarity’!! You kinda get the opportunity to see what people were talking about and things just all seem to kind of meld together and make perfect sense!!! Drama sucks; especially family drama!! But, knowing that your next chapter of life is, literally, right around the corner is an awesome promise!!! Sure, things get way more interesting and tricky as you add more responsibilities…but, they get way more awesome and wayyyyyyy more fulfilling!!! Adulthood, especially to those that don’t do ridiculously stupid stuff that is hard to recover from, is an amazing adventure…one that brings clarity and, of course, a little wisdom, too!! πŸ˜‰ Awesome post!!

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