The Perfect Man (for me)

This is going to be a long post I promise you. I doubt this ideal being for me actually exists but it is much easier to find the person you want when you know what you are looking for. So here it goes.

If I could imagine someone who would be completely ideal for me, it would be someone who is firstly a total sweetheart and gentleman, a kind of “kiss up to your parents until they like him”, show your friends how great he is with you, hold the door open, pull out the chair for me kind of guy. But not only will this guy be so sweet, but he wouldn’t be afraid to show me his wild side. Holding hands and kissing would be a given for us. He would be the guy to bring me donuts and leave them at my door, ring the bell and leave before I open the door up. We could be the couple that doesn’t make the third wheel feel awkward even if it means not holding hands when their around and acting like 3 amigos. But this guy should have a car or a truck, somewhere that can be our own little place away from everyone where we could listen to music, watch the stars, talk our endless conversations, and just be us there. If he happened to be old enough to live on his own, having his own apartment or place even with a friend would be ideal, especially if he’s good with money and pays bills on time every month. He would be the guy to, on our first Valentine’s day together, buy me one of those giant teddy bears, a box of Ferrero Rocher cause they’re my favorite, and an orchid that has pink or blues in it, as well as take me to his favorite restaurant that I have never been to, and a movie after, where I would probably pay (Because he shouldn’t spend all the money.) Every holiday for us would be special, and we would make an effort to spend every one of them together. I want his friends to like me as if I didn’t need to be with him for them to include me when they would hang out, and he would show me off like a prize to his friends and just look at me like he was the luckiest man alive. I would want him to be decisive and know what he wants, a guy who’s brave and not afraid to take risks. He would always protect me, and if a guy tried to pick a fight with him, he wouldn’t unless the dude hurt or tried to hurt me. I would want to be like his baby. He’d be so mature that even the dumb things I’d do are “cute” to him because I’m young and naive sometimes. Appearance would be important but not vital, like blonde brown or black hair is fine because I’m not picky with that, but the way he styles it would drive me wild. He would have arm tattoos, chest and back tattoos and even some on his legs or neck, but also holds a steady job at for example, a coffee shop or wherever. He would always look attractive to me in anything whether it was a formal event, casual date, or Netflix day at home. I could imagine him wearing beanies, skate shoes, button up shirts, band tees, jeans, sweatpants, and plaid and flannel shirts. He would be an animal lover who makes the effort to go to church, and always tries to see the good in life. He would be especially loyal to me. Someone that knows that his relationship was so important, that he couldn’t imagine being with anyone else, even if that meant being cold to pretty girls that’d flirt with him. He would be kind to old people and get along with any strangers we came across. He would be the type of guy that brings me flowers before a date or sends them to my house just so that I’d know he’s thinking about me. He would have proper manners and even bake me brownies if he knew I was sad, and drive to my house to bring them to me and make me feel better. He is someone that would be great with kids, and ends up being a model dad to others around him. Having perfect body muscles would make me melt, but being lean and healthy I could easily settle for. I would be able to look at him while he is talking with other people, seeing a sparkle in his eyes when he talks about his passions or interests. I would want him to know his way around the kitchen, helping me prepare dinner by cutting the onions so that I wouldn’t cry and coming up behind me to wrap his arms around my waist while I’m cooking. He would love books and movies and plan many movie dates with me. He would pull me closer using my belt loops if I was walking away from him and he wanted to kiss me. He would be a moderately clean person who shaves well, with an occasional beard, but shaves to my liking because he knows it will make me smile. If I was lying on my stomach on the bed he would sit next to me and give me a light back rub. We would take turns giving massages because according to people, I am like a pro. He would exchange his problems and fears with me and not be afraid to cry if something upset him. He’s the kind of person I’d be proud to call my own, and there wouldn’t be a thought in my mind about leaving him. And if he ever saw me crying, he would pull me on his lap and wrap his arms around me and hug me, shushing me saying how everything will be okay. He would take me on surprise dates and show me his favorite places in the world. He would always make an effort to say goodnight and that he loves me. We would have dates where I could go to his place where he cooks me dinner and we watch one of the movies we love. He would be silly with me and only make fun of me sometimes. His parents would be really welcoming. His mom would be happy that he found someone to call his own and his dad would enjoy joking with me or playing games like pool. This guy would take the effort to play sports with me on a hot day and then swim in the pool with me afterwards. We would go to the beach at any chance where we could watch the sunset, play in the water or just enjoy each other’s company. He would make an effort for his family and mine to become like one big family, because he knows that in the future they would be. Marriage would be on his mind, but he would know that the time would be right after a year or two of being with me. We would never regularly get into arguments or fights, and if we did, we would both realize that we were being stupid and apologize. He would wrestle with me, sometimes letting me win, and sometimes pinning me down so he can prove to me how strong he is. We would constantly remind each other during bad times that we can make it through anything. He would stay up just as late as me so that there wasn’t a single moment I could feel bored or lonely. We would watch little kid movies like Disney films just to remember what it was like when we were kids. We would look through each other’s baby pictures and talk about how cute we were. Everything with him would be so natural. We would never feel any strong pressure or tension about our decisions. He would love roller coasters like me and act like a kid when we would go to theme parks. He would act like a goofball when we would go to serious places(like Chip Gaines from fixer upper.) He would support me even when I have crazy thoughts or decisions, and offer to help with my job in flipping houses, like bringing me food when I work late. He would not be the jealous type. If he ever sensed there was a problem, he would tell me without contemplating, and if he knew a guy liked me, he would tell me, and remind me to be careful around them. He would have a great relationship with most people he knew, and lit up every room he walked into. He would laugh at my craziness and even take part in whatever goofy thing I was doing. He would be respectful of me and understand when I don’t want to do things. He would have a similar style as me when it came to furniture; he would be a guy that could drive a motorcycle, but preferred driving a car with me by his side. He would be the type to have a specific time to hang with the boys, but make sure he never neglects me when he hangs with them. He would even send me a text halfway through to make sure I’m doing alright. I wouldn’t need to be his entire world, but to him, I would be important pieces that make up his world. He would be a pretty good singer, but shy to show anyone but me. He dabbled in instruments like guitar, bass, etc and has at least basic music knowledge, but music wasn’t his main focus in life. I would want him to have a goal of what job he wanted and he would take the steps he needed to get there. He wouldn’t need to be rich, but he would make enough so that we would never struggle paying bills. But whenever id break down crying, or have a bad day, he would take me out to buy me things just so I would smile again. He would help with house chores like folding and ironing laundry, while I would help cook clean and help him with any yard work. He wouldn’t be a guy that was too interested in sports on TV; he would rather play the sport itself. He would take me to parties with him and check in with me to make sure I’m doing alright. If I told him we ever had to leave the party, he would listen to me and tell everyone goodbye. He wouldn’t be the person to say how attractive he was, but he knows how he’s cute. In the beginning of our relationship, he would do the sweet normal things, but make sure he was using his manners, and act like a total gentleman. The kind of guy where you could be like “aw” with anything he did. He would be the type of guy I could trust, and never worry or wonder if he’s cheating or thinking about someone else. He’d be the type that would come home every night, and if he couldn’t because of work, he would still send me a message saying he loves me and goodnight. He would be into most of the same things as me and we would be easily found working on an old car together that we would restore. He would always remember how long we have been together without me having to remind him, and would make sure to bring me soup when I’m sick, or paint my toenails if I ever broke my hand. He would be okay with me picking out his outfit, even though he wouldn’t need my help because of how well he dresses. He would call me whenever he missed me and it wouldn’t be at all awkward to talk on the phone with him. He would do sweet things for me like write me a note if he’s away from me and misses me or sends me a text when he knows I’m asleep just so that I’d wake up with a smile. He would be the best at cuddling. Most of the time he would buy me things and pay for dinner, and it wouldn’t be often that he’d let me pay. He’d treasure the things I gave him, as if they actually made him feel closer to me. He would kiss me on the forehead since he would be that tall. There would be no end to our adventures together. We could live for a thousand years together, and our love would still be growing. He would be the guy that loves to chase me around and just be goofy with me. He could sit with me to have serious conversations as well as burping contests. He wouldn’t ever smoke weed or cigarettes since he would know I hate smoking. He’d be the type to pick me out an outfit, and leave me a note telling me to wear the outfit and be ready for the date he was taking me on later. He would always give me my space when I needed it, and always be okay when I needed some girl time with my friends. He would be this and more. Everything I ever wanted or needed in one human being. He would even be what I didn’t know I wanted or needed, but there would be a time where I accept it and our love would flourish through our similarities and differences. We would be many things, but the most important thing is… happy.


One thought on “The Perfect Man (for me)

  1. I JUST GOT THE GOOSEBUMPS!!!!!! I love EVERYTHING about this list of what you are looking for in the perfect guy!! And, I have to tell you – NEVER forget this list, and cling to it until you find exactly what you are looking for!!! I remember someone telling me a long time ago, that you should write a long list (like this), print it out and sleep with it under your pillow – reminding you, nightly, exactly what you are looking for in a soul mate! 😉 There will be tons of guys that you meet that are the almost perfect, but if they don’t meet the list of exactly what you are looking for, then they aren’t the 100% perfect guy for you! You have these thoughts and expectations because they are dear to you and a reflection of what you want and where you are going in your life. You are looking for specific things that 100% exist on YOUR perfect guy! I can promise you – you will meet a few that will be close, but always remember to look for the ONE that meets all of your expectations. That’s how you’ll know that you found your perfect soulmate! 😉 I LOVED THIS POST…ALLLLLLLLLL OF THIS POST!!!! 😉

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