More Fuel For Less Moolah(A top 5 List of best mpg non-electric cars)

People love fancy sports cars like the Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Maserati, Bentley Mercedes and the list goes on but did you know that these cars have the lowest mpg? The lowest is the Bugatti that gets 10 mpg which means not only are you paying a fortune for a car, but you have to go to the gas station more often to feed the car. What a waste. I get that cars are cool because I’m a big car fan myself, but I also know how important efficiency is and how great it is to save money especially as a young adult starting out her life on her own. So if you were one of those kids whose parents bought your car for you and paid for your insurance, consider getting a car with good mpg, because it will be very helpful in the future.

1. The car that will be the most inexpensive when it comes to gas is the Toyota Prius Hybrid. This is a midsize car having 5 seats and a bigger trunk. It is a front-wheel drive. This gets an average of 50 miles per gallon which could save the average family a lot of money, especially if the family drives a lot.

2. The second car that will save you a lot of money in the long run is the Toyota Prius C Hybrid. The only difference between this model and the other Prius Hybrid is that this model is 1.5 L while the first model is 1.8 L. This one is also a compact car while the other is a mid-sized car. The same features are incorporated and these cars are so similar in appearance that they could be twins.

3. This might sound like it’s becoming redundant but the third car with best mpg is the Toyota Prius V. This car has 42 mpg which is less than the first two but is still really great. It has 1.8 L like the first Prius and is also a mid-sized car with front-wheel drive. Like the other two Prius’s, this one looks very similar and is very good for families.

4. The fourth car with great mpg is finally a change because it is the Ford C-max Hybrid. It is a large car with front-wheel drive and has 40 mpg. It is close to the third Prius with mpg, but is a larger car which is also great for families, especially if they have a bunch of kids and drive a bunch of people around.

5. The fifth car with the best mpg is actually a tie between the Honda CR-Z and the Scion iQ. They both have 37 mpg, but unlike the other 4 cars, these two have only two seats which is better for single people or couples without kids. These are also both front-wheel drive cars, but they look very different because the Honda is longer.

So yeah, cars like the Bugatti are nice but if you want to save money for your next big date night, cars with great mpg is the way to go.


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