Catching Air


This year is a rather big year for me. I am turning 18 which means I will finally be an adult and can make my own decisions. I have many plans of what I will do when I’m 18 like get more tattoos without having to get a notarized paper from my parents, but also something very adventurous that many people are afraid of attempting. I want to go skydiving. Legally you aren’t even allowed to skydive until you are 18 which is why I haven’t done it already, but my thrill-seeking self figured that it would be like the ultimate roller coaster. I have ridden most of the roller coasters or even all of the one’s in Florida, and I have even attempted crazier coasters when going to Pennsylvania’s Hershey Park, but I know that skydiving will be way cooler. Many people think it’s crazy that I would want to jump out of a plane, with the falling feeling in my stomach, wind blowing hard at my face, and looking at the open Earth just below me. I feel like skydiving is the closest we could get to flying(once the parachute is open of course.) The first time skydiving for me will be the normal experience I imagine, but if I choose to go again I want to be able to do flips or tricks of some sort because in the open air I can imagine you just feel so free. Once I get my life all worked out to the point where I am out of college, married and all that jazz, I will be a lot more free, and I feel like it would be the same out in the open air. Free of worries, free of stress, and a new beginning in front of me.


One thought on “Catching Air

  1. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO FOR SKYDIVING!!!!!!!!! I am super excited for you to try out this extreme sport!!! I’m a bit too stressed to try it,now, and am kinda kicking myself in the metaphorical ‘pants’ because I didn’t try it before having kids! Now, I fear the worst, which takes the fun out of the entire experience!!! So, my thoughts – if you want to try it out…go for it!! Make it happen and love every second of it!!! I bet it will be the wildest ride you ever take; one that you’ll never forget and will be an awesome memory, and who knows…maybe even a new hobby or extreme way to relax! 😉


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