A game that cons your money in order to win

Alright, I know my title is confusing and vague but it does tell you exactly what I plan on talking about in this post. There’s this game I’ve been playing for months now. It’s called High School Story. This game is extremely addicting but the problem is that everything either takes forever because they make you wait during quests, or everything costs five times as much money as you have. The only way you can really get far with this game is by spending real money, but even that doesn’t last. I’ve invested about $40.00 into the game and I’m still behind my aunt who started playing the game months after I did. I check the game every time I’m notified, yet she’s still ahead of me. I love this terribly annoying addiction of a game but I keep playing because, like I said, it’s an addiction. I was angry at the game for being the way it is a few days ago when I thought of an idea. I could just make my own game and sell it to a developer that could turn it into an app if I made all of the features ahead of time. It wouldn’t hurt to try, and if I failed, then there would be nothing lost by it. So that’s my plan before I start college. I am going to attempt creating my own game that would be a mix of my current addiction as well as a game I played years ago, however there will be some differences. Firstly, the only time you will spend real money, is if you want to. You wont have to pay for things like hairstyles and clothes. The game will be much more entertaining that can last hours instead of once a day for 15 minutes. It will be the type of game that the more time you play, the farther you will get in the game. I’m going to start the planning stages soon and hopefully this becomes a game you can download in the app store. I can’t say I’ll know what the game will be called yet, but if this plan works, I’ll make a post about it’s success!


One thought on “A game that cons your money in order to win

  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! I have gotten so beyond addicted to random games via apps, and have gotten to the point that I’ve actually spent money on these ridiculous games to keep playing!!! I hate spending money on frivolous games that give me nothing in return, but the necessity to spend even more money to play!!!! I am so beyond excited to play your future game!!! If you need a focus group/demo group…count me in!!!!! 😉 This has got to be one of the coolest ideas!!! I love that you are going to launch an app before college!!!!! YOU RULE!


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